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City, sovereign state, tourist hub, living museum... whatever your impression of Venice, this place continues to defy all logic.

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This audacious medieval masterpiece, perilously perched in the Adriatic lagoon, boasts some of the world's finest art and architecture. The City of Love almost sinks under the weight of its incredible past, yet stands tall as a fascinating window into a bygone age.

Flying to Venice

Flights from London City Airport to Venice are not only your link direct from London to one of Europe's most-visited cities – they also open up the wider Veneto region, and even make trips to Slovenia easy and convenient with a direct flight from the heart of London. Whether you're planning to fly to Venice from London for a quick break or a longer holiday, you might need a little information on the route before you book – read on for everything you need to know about flying to Venice.

Flying from London City Airport to Venice: Q&A

Take a look at our answers to the most common questions about flights from London City Airport to Venice. If you've got a query, you might well find the answer here.

How long is the flight from London to Venice?

Flying directly to Venice from London City Airport takes just over two hours, operating from March to November to cover both the summer and shoulder season. Venice Marco Polo Airport is actually based on the mainland, in the nearby city of Teressa, around nine miles (14km) from Venice proper. From here, there’s a quick shuttle bus to the train station; you can then either take a 10-minute train ride across the lagoon or, more glamorously, catch a water taxi.

How many flights a week are there from London City Airport to Venice?

Throughout the season, there are three flights to Venice each week, all based around the most popular weekend times. On Friday, wake up early to catch the morning flight and get into Venice for around lunchtime – perfect for a long weekend. If you’re planning a longer trip away, arriving on Saturday morning, or even Monday afternoon, will give you plenty of time to fall in love with the city before flights back to London on Friday or the following Saturday.

What airlines fly most frequently between London City Airport and Venice?

If you fly directly to Venice Marco Polo Airport from London City Airport, you will most likely be flying with British Airways. You might find other fares available if you search for flights from London to Venice, but you'll find they're indirect, with a layover in the operator's hub airport.

Practical information about flying from London to Venice

Despite what locals might tell you, Venice is part of Italy, so you’ll need to have your passport with you. It’s also an hour ahead of UK time, so remember to set your watch before you land. Venice itself is mostly accessible on foot and by boat, so remember to pack some comfortable shoes if you're keen to explore on foot.

What to expect in Venice

Everyone’s seen a photograph of the Rialto Bridge standing luminous over the Grand Canal, or the Bridge of Sighs high above a tiny waterway. It’s hard to imagine these places, with their grand architecture and intricate carvings are real. When you’re there, it’s somehow even better. Choose shopping in designer boutiques or cicchetti (small dishes) in stylish bars and you’ll still feel local life passing by. Yes, it can be busy with tourists, but it’s all worth it. That’s because there’s nowhere else in the world like Venice. It’s a living, breathing museum full of contradictions. What more would you expect from a city whose regional wine is ostentatious and sparkling and whose famous local food is “risi i bisi”, a humble dish of peas, bacon and rice?