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Poland's capital is often described as one of Central and Eastern Europe's top destinations to visit for many reasons.

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Whether you're visiting for work or a weekend away, Warsaw is one of the continent's most exciting cities. From its blend of architecture that spans centuries, to its quietly excellent restaurant scene, the wide variety of things to see and do means there's something for everyone. So when you fly to Warsaw, no matter the reason, you'll be experiencing one of Europe's most underrated city break destinations - a pleasingly fun and soulful place to do business or just relax.

Food and Drink

You probably associate Polish cuisine with hearty staples, heavy on sausage, cabbage and dumplings. You'll find plenty of that in Warsaw, but the city also has a diverse dining scene with both traditional and international influences, as well as a thriving nightlife and café culture.

Restaurants and cafés

Warsaw’s food offering is extensive, with new restaurants popping up all the time. As well as a fair few international choices, you’ll find plenty of local places too. For cheap eats, pop into a neighbourhood milk bar (a post-war remnant) – this is usually a cafeteria that serves up simple dairy-based dishes. If you’re after something a little more upmarket, you’ll find plenty of eating options in the Old Town, as well as less touristy options just south of it.

Essentials foods to try

Pierogis are a staple – crescent-shaped dumplings stuffed with various fillings, from potato and cheese through to sweeter blueberry or apple. Bigos is considered Poland’s national dish and is essentially a hearty hunter’s stew made with a variety of ingredients – assorted meat, fresh cabbage and sauerkraut are the ever-presents.