Embracing digital accessibility with Recite Me

London City Airport supports thousands of visitors online with Recite Me assistive technology.

London City Airport strives not only to be a welcoming place to visit, but accessible, and this includes online. So we’ve decided to lead the way in the UK travel industry by making information and services on our website more accessible with assistive technology called Recite Me.

With 15% of the world’s population having some sort of disability, accessibility online is becoming as increasingly as important as it is in our physical environment. A report published by travel technology company AMADEUS entitled ‘Voyage of Discovery’ highlights the inaccessibility of information via websites as a major barrier for people with disabilities who want to travel.

Recite Me combats this issue, providing an assistive toolbar at the top of London City Airport’s website, allowing travellers with a wide range of disabilities and impairments - including dyslexia, sight loss, and colour blindness - to easily access our content.

To ensure each of our visitors get the features they need to make browsing a breeze, you can customise Recite Me to suit your needs. This includes speech functionalities with 35 different voice types, reading aids, translation tools with over 100 languages, and customisable website styling options, such as text size.

Not only that, but it also works across all mobile and desktop devices so you have accessibility whether you’re at home or on the go!

Dorota Zielinska, Digital Marketing Manager, London City Airport said:

‘We’re always looking to improve the visitor experience at London City Airport, whether at our airport or on our website. Recite Me allows us to provide all of our visitors with the same amazing service on the website as they would in person.’

We believe all of our visitors deserve the very best experience when they travel from London City Airport, from discovering new destinations on our website, to flying off on your next adventure from the airport.

If you’re due to be visiting us soon, you can also check out our website here to find out more about the accessibility options we have within the airport.