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Gassan jewellery collection

New Gassan jewellery collection now available at London City Airport, see whats available before you fly out with us.  

Choices by DL 
Choices have introduced a new, delicate narrow band ring, known as model 1212. Available in 18 ct. white, yellow or rosé gold the interchange bezels allow you to enrich the band with your own choice of exquisite diamonds, emeralds, sapphires or rubies.    Choices-by-DL.jpg  
The new diamond version of the xs line is available in white, brown and black diamond’s brings a charming sparkle to the ring collection.

The new range also includes the snake ring and diamond studded creoles earrings with pear-shaped polished stones available in white, yellow or rosé gold.
Gassan 121      
Gassan Diamonds is now introducing an even more breathtaking cut: the Gassan 121.

This brand new cut has one hundred and twenty one facets:sixteen additional facets on the top and forty eight extra on the bottom in comparison to the traditional round brilliant cut. According to a report of the WTOCD (a department of the High Council of Diamonds in Antwerp) the placement of the additional facets strongly emphasizes the contrast between the light and dark parts of the diamond. This makes the overall appearance of the Gassan 121 even more spectacular.  
Leo Pizzo      
Leo Pizzo believe in delivering pleasure and value which reflect their innovative and creative jewel designs. Many of the Leo Pizzo collections are based on the love of nature, most of their deigns reflect their love for animals and flowers which has been their philosophy. The Leo Pizzo offers a beautiful range of collections which consist of rings, pendants, brooches, bracelets and earrings.      
Gebruders Schaffarth      
Liberté brings a completely new and revolutionary setting system and sets the diamond free. With the slightest agitation, the diamond changes its position and through its numerous small facets it permanently captures the incoming light anew and reflects it back to the beholder in all the colors of the color spectrum.
Hera is flexible jewellery in size and shape providing a magical experience. Rings are adjustable in diameter and complemented by the zoom line that is fully convertible into a bracelet. Hera is available in 18 Karat white and rosé gold or any combination. The collection includes rings, earrings, necklaces and bracelets and pieces are either flexible in size and shape or convertible into a bracelet.   hera.jpg

Al Coro      
Al Coro offer two designs, Golden moons for star-lit nights and Royal Gioia.

Al Coro sparkling moons from the Mezzaluna collection is an 18-karat gold design with a distinctive Italian style. The golden moons crescent from the collection are highlighted in their latest design.
Royal Gioia presents green amethyst surrounded by white diamonds embedded in yellow gold. The Royal Gioia range include necklaces, earrings and rings.      

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