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If you’re flying to one of our popular cities and wish to find out more about your destination dip into our guide for tips and advice specifically written for you.

Boomtown Aberdeen is making waves. Proud of its maritime traditions and ancient university, this prosperous northern European hub is going from strength to strength, with sparkling dining and cultural scenes complementing its glittering granite. Click here to view our Aberdeen guide. 
Being a canal city, Amsterdam is remarkably flat and therefore kind on the feet. Walking the city is a great way to get a feel for the place, though the streets are packed with cobbles so sensible footwear is a plus.  Travel by bicycle is extremely popular: cyclists have priority over cars and there are places to lock your bike up all over the place. Click here to view our Amsterdam guide.
Sophisticated and relaxed yet vibrant and atmospheric, Angers is one the great French Cities. Proud of its regal past, confident about its future, it boasts great nightlife and is home to the world famous Cointreau liqueur. Click here to view our Angers guide.

Dissected by the Rhine with boundaries in France, Germany, and Switzerland, Basel is conservatively traditional and industrial yet artistically avant-garde and sometimes architecturally deconstructed. Somehow it harmonizes these polar opposites into a cultural tour de force. Click here to view our Basel guide. 
Capital cities tend to be big and brash – but not Bern. Friendly and relaxed, it is particularly attractive – its medieval Old Town is a UNESCO World Heritage Site – and it boasts stunning views of nearby lush green hills and snow-covered mountains. Click here to view our Bern guide. 

Ever the twinkle-eyed charmer, Dublin has weathered the considerable stresses of the last few years to remain a distinctive, forward-facing city with an atmosphere as rich as a pint of the black stuff. Click here for Dublin guide.

Revitalised Dundee is undergoing a metamorphosis thanks to a bold 30-year waterfront transformation, a vibrant cultural scene and a spanking new V&A museum opening in 2015. Encounter rich industrial heritage, sensational seafood and world-class golf. Click here to view our Dundee guide.

Graceful and historic, artsy and sophisticated, Edinburgh offers a tantalising blend of rich heritage, magnificent architecture and cutting-edge culture. Not to mention quirky neighbourhoods, eclectic shopping, cracking nightlife, views to die for and world-renowned festivals. Click here for Edinburgh guide. 

Most visitors to the Algarve may swing through its sun-splashed capital without a second glance, but this actually works to the city’s advantage. Faro has an authentic, untouristed feel, with a picturesque historic centre, interesting sights and some splendid sandy beaches. Click here for Faro guide.

Germany’s financial capital means business, as one look at its bristling skyline will tell you. But beneath the ultra-modern skyscrapers, there’s a cultured and cosmopolitan metropolis that knows how to let its hair down. Click here to view our Frankfurt guide.

Sassy, friendly and fiercely proud of its industrial heritage, rejuvenated Glasgow is an ever-progressing city of innovative design and architecture, world-class culture, first-rate shopping and kicking nightlife. As the locals say, Glasgow’s pure gallus. Click here to view our Glasgow guide. 

Strung out along the shores of beautiful Lake Geneva, Switzerland’s third city is a multicultural melting pot, with a distinctly international flavour. But with chocolatiers galore and a picture-perfect Old Town, Geneva’s Swiss identity is never in doubt. Click here to view our Geneva guide.  


It may be the Moorish jewel of Spain’s southern Andalusian region, but there’s more to Granada than the fabled citadel of Alhambra. Thanks to lively tapas bars and a large student population, there’s a breathless night scene, while the food’s compelling fusion of North-African and Iberian ingredients makes dining out – dare we say it – rather moreish. Click here to view our Granada guide. 
A buzzing melting pot of iconic landmarks and cosmopolitan culture, London feels like the centre of the world. Ancient streets exude cutting-edge fashion, restaurant kitchens sizzle with international flavours and the city’s historic markets are as vibrant as ever. Click here to view our London guide. 
One of Europe’s tiniest capitals, Luxembourg City still manages a perfect blend of centuries-old architecture, trendy hotels and chic bars and restaurants – and the cherry on top is its stunning setting on the edge of two spectacular gorges. Click here to view our Luxembourg guide.

Sitting in splendid isolation in the centre of Spain, regal Madrid is one of the great European capital cities. Stately architecture overlooks a city of world-class art and cuisine. Madrid represents Spain with a proud, assured flourish. Click here to view our Madrid guide. 

Often overshadowed by its more glamorous neighbour Marbella, Málaga has much more to offer than its package-deal reputation would suggest. The city that gave the world Pablo Picasso also has museums galore, stunning beaches and some of the best Moorish castles in Spain. Friendly locals and colourful carnivals complete the very tempting picture. Click here to view our Madrid guide


Italy’s economic powerhouse is synonymous with style thanks to its bi-annual fashion week. But it’s not all glamour. From striking medieval architecture to Leonardo’s magnificent Last Supper, Milan is also a haven for those in search of more cerebral pursuits. Click here to view our Milan guide.
Nantes is visual feast of ancient, modern and downright quirky. Once the capital of Brittany, now heading Loire-Atlantique, it boasts a wide-ranging cultural scene and enough events to give the whole city a year-round buzz. Click here for Nantes guide.

New York
One of the world's great creative centres, New York City is a dynamic metropolis of art, music and fashion, with a staggering array of museums, theatres and concert halls, vertiginous nightlife and one of the best restaurant scenes on the planet. Click here to view our New York guide.

Italy’s mighty capital is like nowhere else. There are the magnificent ruins of ancient empires, fantastical baroque buildings, romantic piazzas and burbling fountains. But it’s also fantastically alive, a frenetic whirl peopled by the coffee-slurping, scooter-driving, easy-on-the-eye Romans. Click here to view our Rome guide 

While nearby Amsterdam trades on its cutesy canals, Rotterdam makes its statement by embracing the future. A melting pot of cultures living in a forest of towering modern architecture, the city has a global feel like no other city in the Netherlands. Click here to view our Rotterdam guide. 

It’s Scandinavia’s unofficial capital of cool, swimming in talented designers and boasting some of the most elegant architecture in northern Europe. And yet, for all its glamour, Stockholm is a surprisingly friendly place with plenty for the curious traveller to love. Click here to view our Rotterdam guide. 
Best known for its historic naval port and successful rugby team, Toulon is also a magnet for culture vultures thanks to a clutch of unique museums and the largest opera house in France after Paris. Click here to view our Toulon guide. 

Quimper is a strong centre of Breton culture, with lively extravaganzas including the Festival de Cornouaille threading the medieval streets with bands and dancers. A striking fusion of old and new mixes heritage and tradition with sophisticated shops and gastronomy. Click here to view our Quimper guide. 


A medieval city with a modern soul, Zurich is bounded by the jaw-dropping natural beauty of the Alps and Lake Zurich. Its traditional Swiss facade hides all the luxuries of an international financial capital. Click here to view our Zurich guide. 
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