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Brenda George, raising money for Breast Cancer

PA of the month (October 2015)


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Brenda George is an Executive Assistant for Barclays, in their finance department. A mother of three, and recently a grandmother, she has lived in East London all of her life and recalls growing up within the Canary Wharf area and observing as it changed from a mere water basin to plush office blocks.

Tell us a bit about yourself / your role at Barclays / a bit of background:

What is it like working for Barclays?

I love working for Barclays. I feel it’s my second home as it has been part of my life since 1999. The people are great and the working environment is flexible. I have a wonderful boss and a great team around me – they are my family. If you ask the team about me they would say I am like “their mum”

What is it that you enjoy the most in your role?

I enjoy the variety of work, each day is different. I enjoy working with different people from different areas and the interaction with different EA’s/PA’s across the different divisions of Barclays. Being part of a team is important to me and being the go to person and the gate keeper of the boss.

What inspired you to get involved with Breast Cancer Now?

My sister died of Breast Cancer 3 years ago and seeing the work of everyone involved made me want to get involved and contribute to a worthwhile cause. Earlier this year I attend a focus group to help Breast Cancer Now with their planning for Wear It Pink this year. When they showed us the idea for the “Dare You” challenge, I must have let it slip that the one thing I would never do was an abseil…. The next thing I know I’m featuring in this year’s Wear It Pink photo shoot – harness in hand

What do you hope to achieve through your work with the charity?

During Breast Cancer Awareness Month which is October I want to aim to get as many people as possible involved in raising awareness and funds for Breast Cancer Research.

For more information on Brenda’s fundraising mission, visit her Just Giving page here, and check out Breast Cancer Awareness Month’s website here.