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Top travel gadgets for savvy businessmen

The knack to seamless business travel is knowing, just like every good Boy (girl!) Scout, that preparation is everything. Any seasoned road warriors will want to add these must-have devices to their armoury.

1. The Ostrich Pillow

Life is too short for those inflatable neck dinghies that really don’t cut it when you have a big meeting on the horizon. When you want to really shut out the world on a lengthy airport layover or an overcrowded train carriage, consider this soft, stretchy little beast your passport to splendid, downy lined isolation. Worth it just to see your seatmate's incredulous 'where the hell did he get that?' expression.

2. Pocket Humidifier

The vagaries of in-room Wi-Fi may have pipped it to the post in recent years, but older journeymen will recall the days when a stuffy hotel room was our number one excuse for not filing that report on the move. Enter Travel Smith, with their dinky pocketsize humidifier that needs nothing more than a humble water bottle and a power socket to work its magic.

3. TP Link Wireless Pocket Router

Talking of iffy hotel Wi-Fi, instead of rolling the dice when you arrive, why not take matters into your own TripAdvisor-bothering hands and pack your own solution? You can forge your own private network using this unassuming little square by plugging it into the usually more reliable ethernet port.

4. The Livescribe Echo

Never mind the Apple Watch, no serious roving executive should be seen without their trusty smartpen. The Livescribe Echo records up to 800 hours of audio and integrates seamlessly with all your devices. For maximum 007 brownie points, remember to close each meeting by whispering 'the albatross has nested' into it, just to keep that fresh-faced new supplier on their toes.

5. Zolt

Nope it's not a new X-Men baddie, but this little purple tube of ingenuity is still pretty badass in our book. Zolt is the world's smallest and lightest charger, what's more it's capable of charging up to three devices simultaneously, which happily makes that age-old debate – keep the bedside light on or juice up the iPhone – redundant.

6. Brookstone Pocket Projector

Meeting room not quite up to scratch and techie crew conveniently gone AWOL? Not a problem if you're packing your own pocketsize HDMI projector. Brookstone's lean machine can pump out high def 1080p video at an impressive 60 inch height and comes with built in speakers to boot. In your face Canon!

7. Iron Man Charger

In this crazy mixed up world where smartphones sacrifice staying power for apps, it goes without saying that you'll need a rugged charger to give you the desired Duracell bunny effect. Why not crank up the geek-a-watts and arm yourself with this 12,000 MaH capacity bad boy? The fact that it replicates the look of Tony Stark's Iron Man suitcase is just a nice fillip.

8. Wi-Fi & USB Cufflinks

Just how hyper-connected are you anyway? A deft flick of your wrists soon sorts the men from the boys, if you've donned your Ravi Ratan cufflinks, that is. These stylish chrome cuffs contain a 2GB USB stick and a Wi-Fi hotspot, so you can show your clients that you literally have your finger on the pulse.

By Jools Stone.



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