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Business travel playlist

For getting out of bed against your will - Bills, Bills, Bills - Destiny’s Child

Stay away from that snooze button! You’ve got bills to pay and a flight to catch. If you’re tempted to hide under the duvet, just think of the taxman. It’s guaranteed to get you moving.

For a breakfast mood boost - Harder, Faster, Better, Stronger - Daft Punk

Fuel up for your business trip with a double espresso and a bit of personal coaching courtesy of Daft Punk. By the end of your muesli you’ll be ready for anything.

For the trip to the airport - Life in the Fast Lane - The Eagles

Driving demands driving rock, so strap in, strum on the steering wheel and sing like your life depends on it. With The Eagles on full volume, zipping down the fast lane to departures has never felt so epic.

For secret Tuesday twerking - Work - Rihanna feat. Drake

Passed over for promotion? Ready to punch that patronising colleague? Steal away to the stationery cupboard and twerk through your anger to the tune of Rihanna. Call it instant therapy. Just remember to lock the door.

For flagging mid-week spirits - Eye of the Tiger – Survivor

It’s Wednesday. You’ve made it halfway, even if felt like a lifetime. Armed with a little help from Survivor, you can handle anything that the rest of the week throws at you. And then some.

For pre-presentation pep - Drop it Like It’s Hot - Snoop Dog (feat. Pharell Williams)

Throw on your snappiest suit, fiddle with the projector, fire up your Powerpoint presentation and drop it like it’s hot. If you really need to bring your A-game, Snoop Dog has your back.

For celebrating a team win - Heroes - David Bowie

The musical equivalent of a group hug, this classic track is team victory gold. If you’ve smashed that pitch or met that back-breaking deadline, there’s nothing better. Bust out some high fives, crack open a few beers and enjoy being heroes. Just for one day.

For zoning out after hours - Hymn for the Weekend – Coldplay

Nothing relieves stress like a soaring anthem. Put down the paperwork for three delicious minutes with a dose of classic Coldplay, paying homage to all-too-distant weekend at the very same time. It’s a surefire way to feel a thousand miles from the conference room.

For moments alone with the mini bar - 9 to 5 - Dolly Parton

Everyone’s pocket-sized guilty pleasure, Dolly Parton can sweeten any business deal. If you’re stranded in the sticks and reeling after a long slog in the office, raid the mini bar and dance like there’s nowhere watching. It’s the ultimate way to enjoy anonymity.

For coming home - Hard Day’s Night - The Beatles

It’s over. You did it. Loosen your tie and leave the week behind you. If you’re homeward bound with a handful of duty-free gifts, take off to the tune of The Beatles, tap your feet on the airplane floor and jet straight into the weekend.



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