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The 8 best things about business travel

1. You can discover a new destination for free

Read as many guidebooks as you want – there’s no substitute for actually visiting a place. You might have never considered a romantic weekend break in Milan or imagined that Zurich holds much promise beyond its financial district, but a couple of hours strolling around a city in between meetings can prove an enticing taster. Equally, you might be able to cross a destination that didn’t live up to expectations off your bucket list without wasting a holiday.

2. Frequent flyer miles while you work

The holy grail of all business trips. Catching the red-eye for a conference in New York won’t seem so bad in retrospect when it counts towards upgrading your seats to business on that next weekend getaway.

3. You become an organisational mastermind

Because you have to be. Travelling with work eats into your free time, which means your diary needs to be ruled with an iron fist. Some might see this as a disadvantage, but really it means you have a clear-cut idea of your priorities, know which personal commitments are totally non-negotiable and likely value that time with family and friends all the more. And when you do get some much needed downtime? You can enjoy it guilt-free knowing that you’ve worked overtime in three different time zones this week.

4. You never get stuck in a rut

Your days might be busy but they’re certainly never dull. And while life on the road can be tough, there aren’t many people who can say they woke up in London and spent the morning giving a presentation to execs in Rotterdam before wining and dining new business leads in Amsterdam. So spare a thought for those whose lives run like clockwork. From new cities to new faces almost every day is different.

5. You’re the life and soul of any party

From impressing guests with your conversational Spanish to explaining the eccentricities of dinner table etiquette in Austria – you can pick up a surprising amount of knowledge about different cultures when you travel for work. Plus your experience of networking with high flyers from across the globe means you can strike up a conversation with just about anyone.

6. You get to enjoy the high life

Flying business class, executive lounges, enjoying gourmet cuisine and drinks on your contacts; when corporate travel is all you’ve ever known it’s easy to take the little sweeteners for granted, but you’ve likely experienced a whole host of luxuries that most people never will for either business or pleasure. Up to a fifth of Brits have never even set foot on a plane before, while many have never visited a European capital city. Whether it’s getting to enjoy the perks or bizarre client stories, business travel does give you plenty to dine out on.

7. No washing up

When asked what they miss most while away, many business nomads give the same answer: a home-cooked meal. But look on the bright side: you never once have to clear your own plate on those endless meals out. The grind of business travel can give you a welcome reprieve from domestic chores – no laundry, hotel staff to make the bed and no slaving in the kitchen.

8. You are the travel oracle

Whether the question is which Asian airline offers the best in-flight entertainment, what London airport has the best public transport connections or how do you get over jet lag, you’re a font of knowledge for friends and family when it comes to all things travel. Plus you can apply all the wisdom you’ve gained on the road to your own holidays, speeding through security and packing the shirts and dresses that you know will survive the cramped journey.

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