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What's your Packing Profile?


London City Airport identifies five categories people fall into when packing for a holiday

Do you come home from holiday having worn less than half of what you packed? Do you get to the pool only to realise you’ve forgotten to pack your swimsuit? Or do you smugly sail past Baggage Reclaim, pitying all those who didn’t have your foresight to fit everything you need into a cabin-baggage-sized wheelie bag?

London City Airport has identified five profiles people fall into when packing for a trip:

  1. World On Their Shoulders (WOTS) - Look out for the person struggling to stay upright under the weight of their hand luggage. They’ve got shoes, towels and books crammed in the small bag slung over their poor aching shoulder, in fear of their hold luggage being a gram overweight.
  2. Kitchen Sink – They dread the thought of being caught short, so stuff everything in their suitcase they can think of, from earmuffs to an eye bath, shoes and coats for all weathers and 12 different types of medicine, even for a one night trip to Edinburgh. This group suffers from the packing equivalent to FOMO – FOLO, Fear of Leaving Out.
  3. Pants & Polos – A well-honed style amongst business travellers, this person plans a staple wardrobe, can manage with half of it and simply packs the bare essentials to ensure their bag will fit in the overhead lockers, saving time at check-in and arrivals. Don’t expect an impulsive outfit change or a positive response to changing plans. Bound to have a travel plug, but won’t want you to borrow it.
  4. My Case or Yours – These families travelling together start by packing individual cases for each member but end up putting things wherever they’ll fit, then moving them around to balance out the weight allowance. Which case are the toothbrushes in? The sun cream? Your guess is as good as theirs, but your left flip-flop is almost certainly in that suitcase over there.
  5. Last Minute – Mismatched outfits, odd shoes, no swimwear but three woolly jumpers… you get the idea. Perhaps they should have gone straight home to pack instead of going for a drink after work to celebrate the start of their week off. The airport issued the following advice to people planning their holidays: “We advise passengers to check their luggage allowance with their airline in advance so they have plenty of time to pack and avoid additional charges at check-in,” a London City Airport spokesperson said.

“We see a lot of Pants & Polos with our business travellers, who travel regularly and have packing down to a fine art. However, weekend breakers’ and holidaymakers’ luggage comes in all shapes and sizes and we get a broad mix of WOTS, Kitchen Sinkers and My Case or Yours. The beauty of a Last Minute packer is that to the outside world they appear organised, it’s only when they’re sitting around the swimming pool in jeans and cowboy boots that they get found out.”

Editors note

London City Airport (LCY) is the only London airport situated in London itself, just three miles from Canary Wharf, seven miles from the City and 10 miles from London’s West End and linked to all via the Docklands Light Railway. Catering for around 3.65 million passengers (61% travelling on business, and more than 60% inbound) and 75,000+ movements annually, in 2015 LCY celebrates 28 years of operation. LCY offers a unique rapid transit proposition – a short check in (door to lounge) of around 20 minutes, and a shorter arrival (tarmac to train) of around 15 minutes. Ten airlines fly out of LCY, serving 46 mainly European destinations. The airport has permission to increase its operation to 120,000 noise factored movements per annum – carrying 6 million passengers - which it intends to do by 2023.

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