Special Assistance

If you need any extra support to use the airport, we can help

Find out about services and facilities for people with disabilities or special needs including how to obtain a sunflower lanyard.

Mobility Equipment

You are welcome to travel with your own mobility equipment such as electric wheelchairs but you are advised to notify your airline in advance.

When booking your flight, your airline will advise you on how to prepare your mobility equipment for the journey.

If you are flying with your own equipment, you can take it, if appropriate, up to the aircraft .

SD2 wheelchair

If you are not travelling in your own wheelchair, this is the type of chair that will be used within the terminal building, with a seat with of 20 inches, equipped with seat cushion.

Aisle Chairs

Narrow enough for to fit the aisle of the aircraft, smaller aisle chairs are used for passengers who need assistance getting onto the aircraft and into the aircraft seat.

Bulmor Front Bull Ambilift

The passenger cabin can be lowered completely to the ground. This speeds up the entire boarding process and offers space for two wheelchairs and one attendant each.

  • There is a weight restriction on our equipment. Our ambilift and aisle chair is only capable of lifting and carrying a maximum weight of 150kg.