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Prepare for a fast and smooth Security check

When you reach London City Airport’s Security area, an officer will check your hand baggage and clothing to see whether you have any dangerous or banned goods with you. Security can take longer if you have a lot of bags with you, so please put any items you don’t need during your journey into your check-in bags.

Please leave everything in your bag

Thanks to the new CT scanners at London City Airport, you can leave liquids and electronics in your hand baggage at the security check.

Security checklist for travellers

Please follow the instructions on video screens to go through Security as smoothly and speedily as possible:

  • You are no longer required to take liquids, laptops, tablets, or other electronic devices out of your hand baggage.
  • Only liquids and gels in containers of up to 2 litres are allowed in your hand luggage.
  • Please note only one cigarette lighter is allowed per person.
  • Be sure to declare any camera film to the Security Officer before it enters the CT scanner.
  • Always follow the Security officer’s instructions.

Thermal water bottles

Thermal bottles have a double layer of insulation that our liquid test machines cannot penetrate. When our scanning equipment can’t verify this type of bottle, it may automatically reject the tray.

For this reason, please empty all contents before placing a bottle in the security tray. You can refill it in the Departures lounge. Thanks for your patience and cooperation to help speed up this process.

Security at the airport isn’t just about screening your bags, find out how we work with The Metropolitan Police and Project Servator.

Baggage rules vary between airlines and the type of ticket purchased. You are advised to check baggage rules with your airline before arriving at London City Airport.

Click here for airline contact details.

Please note that other airports across UK and Europe may not have the same liquids allowance.

Thank you for your cooperation. We wish you a safe and pleasant journey.

Medication and Equipment

Medication and medical equipment itemsAllowed in hand baggage?Allowed in hold baggage?
Cooling gel packs & frozen ice packsYes (there should be documentary evidence to confirm the need to keep the liquid cool, if medicinal product)Yes
Medical equipment (CPAP and TENS machines, etc.)YesYes
Tablets and capsulesYes (there is no restriction on the number of tablets or capsules you can carryYes
Essential liquid medicinesYesYes
Hypodermic syringesYesYes
InhalersYes (This is a London City Airport Rule in line with most UK Airports. Medication in a liquid form carried in a container that exceeds 100ml is permitted as hand baggage but must be supported by a prescription or a documentation from a medical practitioner.)Yes
Oxygen cylindersYesNo

This list is not exhaustive.