Thursday May 6:

For important advice on the recent changes to UK public health requirements and travel restrictions visit Should you have further questions regarding future travel plans, please contact your airline. Our Covid-19 Testing Centre is now open. Click here to book a test. Thank you.

London City Airport Testing Centre

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London City Airport opens Covid-19 Testing Centre

*Please note, at London City Airport we can only provide tests for passengers with a valid future air travel booking within 72 hours of travel as well as Test to Release.

Our testing centre, located in the main terminal, is now open and will offer a full range of Government approved tests for arriving and departing passengers. This will include a rapid LAMP test which will allow quarantine to be cut from 10 to 5 days.

Tests will be carried out by Collinson nurses and are available for passengers using LCY, or other airports.

All tests must be booked online ahead of time and passengers are reminded not to turn up at the airport without a confirmed appointment. Bookings can now be made online by visiting

Costs and expected times for results to be received are listed below. We would also encourage you to consider UK government advice on testing and arrival procedures at your destination:

For latest Government advice on international travel, visit Coronavirus (COVID-19): travel corridors page.

Understanding Testing – what each kind of test means

PCR Testing

PCR Testing is the most sensitive test that is currently available, able to detect active infection some days before the patient is infectious or symptomatic. It is the gold standard test; used in the NHS daily. PCR testing takes around 5 hours to be performed, but as assays sometimes have to be repeated, a turnaround time of 24 hours is often given. PCR testing is performed in machines than cycle through different temperatures. As the process of changing temperature takes some time, the process is longer than other processes such as LAMP.

LAMP Testing

LAMP Testing is another form of genetic test, able to detect the RNA of the virus. It is a more recent development than PCR and is performed all at one temperature. It is generally faster and cheaper than PCR but is not considered to be as sensitive – but is still more sensitive than antigen testing. LAMP tests might be able to detect patients immediately before symptoms are displayed but this is unsure at present. Rapid LAMP testing can add a significant degree of confidence if performed before flying, for example, when all aboard have had a LAMP test prior to departure.

Antigen Testing

Antigen Testing is the fastest and cheapest of all lab tests for COVID-19. Unlike PCR and LAMP, the genetic material of the virus is not searched for, but rather the protein structures on a virally infected cell produced by COVID-19; usually the so-called ‘spike’ protein. Antigen tests often become positive after having had symptoms for a couple of days. Their use is particularly powerful when patients are attending communal events and a quick check needs to be performed to see if attendees are infectious with COVID-19. Also during winter months, when people often have symptoms of the common cold or flu, performing an antigen test will ascertain whether the condition is the coronavirus or not.

Antibody Testing

Antibody Testing is a test that looks for the presence of virus antibodies in the system. The presence of antibodies indicates that the patient has previously had COVID-19, as their body has developed the antibodies necessary to fight off the virus. However, a lack of antibodies does not indicate that the person has not had COVID-19, as not every patient develops them, and much is still to be understood about how long the antibodies last in the patient’s system.

COVID-19 TestTest Result Time (from the time test was taken)Price (£)
RT-PCRWithin 36 hours99
RT-LAMPWithin 90 minutes85
AntigenWithin 45 minutes59
AntibodyWithin 45 minutes40
Test to Release RT-LAMPSame day99