Wednesday Oct 20:

From the 1st October 2021, most EU, EEA and Swiss citizens will need a valid passport to travel to the UK. ID cards will no longer be accepted as a valid travel document. Find out more here.

Travelling with Children Hints & Tips

Tips and facilities to make travel with young ones easier all round

Going Through Security

As a parent/carer you will know that any new environment can be daunting for a child. We hope the information provided will help you prepare your child for this new experience and result in a pleasant start to your journey.

Get ready

Please remember that as a general rule, hand luggage restrictions mean that no liquids, gels or pastes over 100ml are allowed through security, and that those brought must be placed in a clear, sealed, plastic bag, which we provide. For children there are some exceptions to this rule.

You can bring baby food and milk through security provided it is a sufficient amount for the journey and the infant is travelling. If the item is over 100ml, it will required to be tested, but the container will not be opened.

Prescribed liquid medication over 100ml is allowed with a relevant prescription but non-prescription medication over 100ml per container is not permitted to be taken through security.

For details of what is and what isn’t allowed, refer to the Security and Baggage here. You will find a preparation area before security just after the boarding pass gates. Use the blue mesh baskets for baby food and milk – using one basket for everything, if possible, will speed up your security experience.

Please ensure your children have removed all outer wear and have no metal objects on their person before entering the archway, if they activate the archway they will need to be hand searched and will only be expected to use the body scanner if they are 1 metre or taller.

All items are required to be screened when going through security, this includes any comforters (e.g. stuffed toys, dolls or blankets). Your child will be unable to hold their comforters at this time, so it would be best to warn your child what is going to happen if at all possible.

Children and babies are required to be taken out of their pushchair/buggy for screening, it must also be empty of any belongings. A visual check and swab tests of the pushchair/buggy will be carried out by the security team. Parents are permitted to carry through any babies or toddlers through the WTMD (the security screening walk through arch). However, if you are wearing a baby harness you will be required to remove the harness and place it in a tray to be screened separately.

Booster and car seats

Small child booster seats may be taken through security but car seats must be checked in with your hold luggage.

Baggage trolleys

Baggage trolleys are not permitted through security. Trolleys are not available for use once you have gone through security and you are in the departures lounge.


Toy guns, grenades, swords or any toy that resembles a weapon are not allowed through security and will be confiscated if brought into security. Hover boards are not allowed through security.

New social distancing guidance from the Department for Transport, effective from June 2020

Please be prepared to remove face masks and coverings if requested to do so by Security Officers. Some larger face masks or respirators may require screening, advice for which will be given on arrival in the Security area.