Travelling with Children

Liquids & Security

Taking toddler & children's food through security

You can bring food with you through security for your child if they have special dietary needs as long as it is the correct amount for the flight/journey and is supported by a doctors note.

Taking baby food & milk through security

Expressed, formula or cow's milk are permitted to be taken through security. Alternative to cows milks (such as soya) are also permitted.

Expressed breast milk can be carried in unlimited quantities as long as it is presented in individual containers that do not exceed two litres per container, the infant no longer needs to be present. Frozen milk is NOT permitted: only expressed breast milk in its liquid form will be allowed and will be subject to LEDS tested.

Sterilised water may be taken through security as long as it is contained within a baby's bottle. Milk may be in a baby bottle or beaker. Both are subject to testing.

You can bring pre-packed baby/toddler food in the correct amount for the flight/journey.

Yoghurts are permitted if they are under 100ml, these must be presented in a liquids bag and will form part of your liquid allowance.

Liquid juices are not permitted.

Cooling gel packs & frozen ice packs

Cooling gel and frozen ice packs may be used to preserve food and drink if the infant/child is present.

This list is not exhaustive, if you have any specific requirements, please get in touch through the contact us form here. We will endeavour to answer your query as soon as possible. Please note the airport is not open from midday Saturday until 11 am on Sunday, so, unfortunately, we will be unable to answer your messages during these times.