Travelling with Children Hints & Tips

Tips and facilities to make travel with young ones easier all round

Top Tips

Any journey with children and infants can be stressful, even popping to the local shops can be an accomplishment at times. So some of the Mum's and Dad's (and other carers) who work here at London City Airport have helped us to put together their top tips for travelling with children.

  • 'Sachets of children paracetamol and ibuprofen are ideal when you're travelling, there is no mess and get the right dose in each sachet.'

  • Sachets or over the counter children medication can be taken through security as long as each container is under 100ml and you place them in your liquids clear plastic bag ready to declare when going through security.

  • 'It's always useful to travel with a mini first aid kit for minor bumps and scrapes.'

  • However, if you should require first aid assistance, please make yourself known to a member of staff who will contact a first aider.

  • 'If you need help don't be afraid to ask for it.'

  • London City Airport Customer Service Hosts are available in the departures lounge to assist if required and will give your child a lucky bag which contains a colouring book and pens to keep them occupied.

  • 'Always know where the nearest toilet will be.'

  • Toilets are located throughout the airport, but if in doubt, or in an emergency, ask a member of staff for the location of the nearest facility to you.

  • 'I spy has always been a winner in our family; it's great for keeping everyone entertained.'

  • The views from our departures lounge are second to none and just perfect for a game of I spy.

  • 'Give your child their own little back pack to fill and carry, it makes them feel responsible and gets them excited when preparing for the journey.'

  • It's also great to fill it with their favourite toys, reading and colouring books, small games and treats, everything you need to keep them entertained.

  • 'Preload an iPad/tablet with their favourite cartoons or movies.'

  • Also, bring a set of children's earphones, so you (and the rest of the plane) don't end up with 'bong bing boo, bing bong bing, bing bong bingly bungly boo..' going round your head for the rest of your holiday! There are no prizes for guessing which children's cartoon that delightful tune came from.

  • 'For older children remember their phone chargers'.

  • London City Airport has international plug sockets and free wifi throughout the airport and departures lounge, an absolute essential for any older children.