Wednesday Oct 20:

From the 1st October 2021, most EU, EEA and Swiss citizens will need a valid passport to travel to the UK. ID cards will no longer be accepted as a valid travel document. Find out more here.

While you're here

You will find social distancing and other measures continue throughout the airport. Signs and floor markings will clearly show you were to go and where you can wait safely.

After security, we’d really appreciate it if you would avoid walking around the airport and mixing with other passengers you are not travelling with.

Just like anywhere else at the moment, try not to touch lots of surfaces and regularly wash or sanitise your hands.

Giving you space

Clearly designated seating areas are available with safe distances being kept between passengers wherever possible.

To begin with, there will be a small number of flights each day and far fewer passengers in the airport. This will help us to maintain social distancing in areas like lounges and gates.

Shops and restaurants

There are few things in life better than a cooked breakfast before an early flight, or a cold drink on your way home after a hard day’s work. We can’t wait to get back to that. But, while there are fewer passengers, some services and facilities like shops and restaurants will be closed.

At the moment, Café Nero before security (landside), and Pret a Manger and WH Smiths after security (airside), should be open and available to passengers.

We’ll bring more shops and restaurants back as soon as we can.

When you are in shops or food outlets in the terminal, please follow signs and maintain social distancing as much as possible. If possible, please pay with contactless cards.

Boarding your flight

Flight information including gates and boarding times will be available as normal on screens throughout the terminal. Please bear in mind that London City Airport is a quiet airport – meaning we don’t routinely make calls to gates over a Tannoy system.

We will give you plenty of notice about which gate you’ll be boarding from. When the time comes to go to your gate, please follow the signs and floor markings which will help maintain safe distanced between passengers.

Staff will also maintain distancing as much as possible, using contactless processes and systems, while wearing masks or visors and gloves.

Please follow boarding instructions carefully. Our staff will be trying hard to safely board the plane, carefully managing the process to make sure it is fair and social distancing can be maintained. For everyone’s wellbeing, please avoid the urge to rush to the front of a queue. Thank you for cooperating and playing your part.

Getting off your flight

Being able to get off your plane and out of the airport quickly has never been more important.

The speed and ease of flying in to and getting out of London City Airport has always been an important reason why so many people choose our airport. This has not changed, even with new measures to create a safe airport environment. From one-way systems to automatic temperature checks, everything has been designed to combine safety with speed and convenience.

Temperature checks

Using thermographic fixed cameras, passengers will have their temperature checked automatically and autonomously as they walk through the airport.

The system uses algorithms to constantly analyse the data from the detectors. Capable of reviewing multiple people at once and identifying elevated skin-surface temperatures on individuals in one second, the technology means we can provide rapid, non-contact preliminary temperature screening that doesn’t slow you down.

Meet and greet

In the current circumstances, only passengers with a valid ticket for travel that day are allowed inside the airport. This is to help maintain social distancing measures, reduce the risk of transmission and keep everyone safe.

At this time, unfortunately we cannot allow non-passengers to enter the airport. This includes family members, friends, taxi drivers and members of the public. If someone is meeting you at the airport, they can wait in designated meeting and collection points outside of the terminal. These will be clearly marked and signposted.

Request special assistance

We understand a small number of passengers will require assistance in the terminal which might ordinarily be provided by someone without a ticket. Our staff will be on hand to provide assistance to passengers. If you have any concerns about this, please contact us in advance of your journey.