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Why Lisbon is one of Europe’s best city break destinations

Here are five reasons why Lisbon should be on your list of contenders for your next city break.

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At this year’s World Travel Awards, which were held in Madeira, Lisbon was announced as Europe’s leading city break destination for 2019, in what was a very successful night for Portugal as a whole.

We weren’t altogether surprised by news of this. In recent years, the capital has quietly emerged as one of the continent’s most attractive holiday destinations – and a pleasing alternative to more popular cities in Europe.

Here are five reasons why Lisbon, affectionately known as a Cidade das Sete Colinas (the City of Seven Hills), should be on your list of contenders for your next city break.

1. It’s quick and easy to get to

Flying from London City Airport via the airline Tap Portugal you can be wandering the cobbled alleyways of Lisbon within a matter of hours. The average flight time is around two and a half hours, and a taxi ride from Lisbon Airport to the centre of town should take no longer than 30 minutes. For some context, it’s quicker than a train ride from London to Newcastle!

2. It’s one of the sunniest cities in Europe

If your idea of a perfect holiday is one characterised by near endless sunshine, then Lisbon is an easy choice. The city is one of the sunniest in the world, pretty much guaranteeing you a satisfying sun-kissed vibe from January to December. Naturally, this also means dependable weather and pleasant temperatures, ranging from hot summers to mild winters – which, rather nicely, leads us to the next point.

3. It’s an all year round destination

The peak season in Lisbon tends to last from the start of June until the end of August. It’s obviously a popular time for good reason, but it does also mean you’re in the capital at its busiest and most touristy period. If, however, you’re not limited by holidaying at a certain time, then take your pick from any other month of the year when you can enjoy a more authentic, clement and slower experience of the city.

4. It’s one of the oldest cities in the world

Obviously, most cities in Europe and the rest of the world have history – plenty of it. However, few have the kind of deep history that Lisbon has. The city is, after all, one of the oldest in the world, older than the likes of Paris, London and even Rome. Meaning, wherever you find yourself, whether you’re in the district of Alfama or in the heart of the city, you’re surrounded by fascinating reminders of its long past.

5. It’s perfect for all sorts of travellers

One of the defining qualities about Lisbon is its wide appeal – its unique ability to adapt to your particular interests while also enticing you with experiences that are distinct to the city – and Portugal. Think yellow trams, miradouros, calçada portuguesa and, among many others, fado. So, whether you want to eat and drink your way around the city, explore attractions or relax on a beach, you can do it all in Lisbon.