Travelling with children

Travelling with children

Handy info on how to keep young passengers safe, fed and entertained

Travel with little ones can have its tricky moments, so we try to make things a little easier. Whenever you need a hand, just ask a member of our team.

Baby changing

  • After Security (past Departures lounge)

  • First Aid room

  • Male and female toilets next to Caffè Nero

  • Accessible toilet next to Soul & Grain

  • Beside Gates 5 and 23


  • Before Security (on main terminal concourse)

  • At far end of ground floor, to the right of the escalator

  • After Security (past Departures lounge)

  • Next to Soul & Grain

  • Next to Caffè Nero

  • Beside Gates 3 (next to Pret), 5, 7 and 23


When travelling with a baby, you can carry enough baby food and/or milk to cover the journey. If you’d like to breastfeed privately, please ask our team for access to the First Aid room in the main terminal before Security.

Restaurants in the Departures lounge are happy to provide hot water to warm bottles, but are not permitted to reheat food or drink. You’ll find varied children’s menus and highchairs in most of our food outlets.

Pre-order baby and child essentials at Boots

Need ready-to-drink cartons of baby formula for the flight? You can pre-order essentials and over-the-counter medication to collect as you pass through Departures.

Place your order at any Boots store or online at, ideally a minimum of 5 days in advance. Orders are held in store for 2 weeks.

Going through security

Let’s get your family trip off to a great start!

Parents/carers can carry babies or toddlers into the walk-through body scanner. If you wear a baby harness, please remove it and place on a tray to be screened separately.

Children over 1m tall should remove all outer wear and metal objects from their person before entering the archway scanner. If the metal detector activates, we’ll carry out a brief search by hand.


All items must be screened when going through Security. It can help to tell your child in advance that they won’t be able to hold favourite comforters such as stuffed toys, dolls or blankets at this time. Toy guns, grenades, swords or any toys resembling weapons will be confiscated. Hover boards are not allowed.

Health and medication

It’s worth pre-packing a mini first-aid kit for bumps and scrapes, with sachets rather than bottles of children’s meds (an easy way to get the right dose every time!). You can carry these through security. If you need a hand, just ask our staff.

Assisted Travel

If your child is a nervous flyer or has a health condition which could make passing through Security difficult or stressful, we can arrange an escort to help you. Please contact Customer Services on +44 (0)20 7646 0088 / +44 (0)20 7646 0000 or at least 10 days before travel.

More about assisted travel at London City Airport.

Buggies and car seats

Please remove babies/small children and all belongings from pushchairs or buggies for screening. Our Security team will carry out a visual check and swab test. You can take small child booster seats through Security, but car seats must be checked in with hold luggage.

Baggage trolleys cannot be taken through Security, but you’ll find more trolleys on the other side as you reach the Departures lounge.

Keep them smiling

Children’s Fun Pack

Once you clear Security, ask the Customer Service team for our free pack of activities, cards and crayons, designed to keep young passengers entertained – at least for a few minutes! Or you can pick up comics, books and games at WHSmith branches in the main terminal and Departures lounge.

The airport offers free Wi-Fi and international plug sockets throughout the main terminal for easy charging of devices.


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