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International connections from London's most central airport.

London's fastest gateway to Europe and beyond

European Hubs

Fly to Amsterdam, Frankfurt, Zurich, or Rome and connect to countless destinations around the globe.

A map of Europe outlining key destinations


Amsterdam Schiphol Airport is a major international hub, offering a wide range of onward connections to destinations across the globe. Start your long-haul trip smoothly at London City Airport, then connect seamlessly to the world via Amsterdam.

1h 10m flight time to (AMS)Learn more


Frankfurt Airport isn't just a connection hub, it's the home base of Lufthansa, Germany's biggest airline. With Lufthansa's vast network and Frankfurt's unmatched connectivity, the world is at your fingertips!

1h 25m flight time to (FRA)Learn more


Whether you're starting your journey, arriving at your destination, or catching a connecting flight, Zurich Airport makes your travels a breeze. As the hub to SWISS airlines, connecting via Zurich offers a world of possibilities for your next adventure.

1h 35m flight time to (ZRH)Learn more


Experience effortless connections and layovers, perfect for exploring Italy or venturing further abroad. As the proud home of ITA Airways, Italy's flagship airline, you'll have exciting international transfer connections ready to be explored!

2h 30m flight time to (FCO)Learn more


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