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ID Centre

Please use our FAQ to help you with your application, if you require any other further assistance please contact us.

Do have I restart the whole application after if it is queried by the ID unit?

No, MTrust allows you to go to the area the query was raised to edit it and resubmit the application.

Do I have to add the applicants email address?

No, this can be added so the applicant can manage their profile by sharing it with other Mtrust companies

I’m finding MTrust slow to respond, what is the problem?

MTrust has been developed and tested to work with most browsers, on most operating systems.

Ideally we’d recommend using the most up to date versions of Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox or Safari on Windows Systems.

The latest version of Internet explorer can be found here

You may need to involve your IT department in order to assist you setting up a new browser or managing your browser permissions and settings.

How does an applicant change their details like email, address etc.

The authorised signatory has access to the applicants profile and can change and update their information.

How can I search for people on Mtrust

Every applicant to your company will be under your people tab.

What if I forget how to use Mtrust?

There are tutorial videos available to be watched on the Mtrust homepage.

Do I need to archive the original documents?

Yes. As an authorised signatory you must read the ID unit regulations, the regulations state that a hard copy must be available for an audit.

Do I need to check the original documents like Passport, ID, references, etc.

Yes, you must scan the original document. As the authorised signatory you are required by CAA to check the original document and add it to the Mtrust system.

How do I get my members to sign up?

Provide them with this link:

They should sign up and verify their email address; they can then log in and request a company membership with your organisation. There are help videos on this subject available on the signup/login page, and within the personal portal.

When a member signs up to MTrust who receives their membership request?

The member will request a new company membership with your company. This membership request will appear on the People page. This membership request can be accepted by any of your Authorised Signatories and Business Administrators.

Why can’t I upload my file?

Currently the maximum file size for upload is 25mb. If your file is larger than this then consider re-sizing the image, using an alternate file type. In the case of a document or PDF try splitting it into smaller parts.

What types of file can I upload?

MTrust accepts the following file types.

Image Files: .bmp, .jpeg, .gif, .png

Microsoft Office formats: .doc, .docx, .xls, .xlsx, .ppt, .pptx

OpenOffice and StarOffice formats: .odt, .odp, .ods, .odg, .odf, .sxw, .sxi, .sxc, .sxd, .stw

Why can I only edit applications and not submit them?

If you are an Authorised Signatory you only have permission to submit applications that the ID Centre has approved you for.

If you believe that MTrust is preventing you from submitting applications that you should be able to submit, please contact the ID Centre.

If you are not an Authorised Signatory, then as a Business Administrator you are able to complete parts of an application and save them in an administrative capacity only.

In order to submit applications, your Authorised Signatory must nominate you via an Authorised Signatory Application, and you must undergo a 5 year background check and the required training.

Why can’t I submit applications?

See: Why can I only edit applications and not submit them?

How do I add a marriage certificate/deed poll as a proof of ID?

A Marriage Certificate or Deed Poll may be used to support a proof of ID, but is not a form of ID on its own.

Should you need to upload one to support a proof of ID, for example where a marriage certificate will support a passport to show a change of name, you should upload the Marriage Certificate to the Passport in the Profile.

What parts of a profile are shared when a member has multiple company memberships?

All parts of the profile will be shared with other companies Authorised Signatories and Business Administrators when the member has multiple company memberships, with the exception of the following:

References: Currently the DFT Guidelines state that ID Centres require specific references for each company, therefore references are not shared across companies.

Employment Details: Members with multiple company memberships will have a unique employment details section at each company.

Why can’t I add a comment/file note to my application?

In order to add a comment/file note the application must be in a saved state. Please save the application, when you re-open it the ‘add a comment’ button will appear. We intend to change future versions of the software so that the ‘add a comment’ button is present when the application is started.

What is an acceptable upload for a scan/photo?

When uploading a scan/photograph of a document or Proof of ID we ask you to ensure the following.

  • All text is readable
  • The image/scan of the document is complete (all pages un-cropped)
  • All Images/Scans are clear and unobstructed
  • Can an Authorised Signatory or Business Administrator sign a Member up to MTrust on their behalf?
  • Yes - the People Page of MTrust has a button at the top to “Create a New MTrust Profile for Another Person”.
  • MTrust will then inform the member by email that a profile has been created for them.
  • The member will then be able to Login into MTrust and manage their Company memberships.

Can a member without an email address have a profile on MTrust?

See - Can an Authorised Signatory or Business Administrator sign a Member up on their behalf?

There is an option to sign a member up without an email address. This will however mean that the member cannot request memberships with other companies using this profile.

Can a member sign up using a generic or shared email address?

Every member on MTrust must have a unique email address as this is used for their personal username to login to MTrust.

If this is the only email address the Member has please see “Can a Member without an email address have a profile on MTrust?”

Do existing pass holders need an MTrust membership / Profile?

Existing pass holders will only need an MTrust membership / profile when the following applications are required:

  1. Change of ID Pass Details
  2. Notification of a Lost or Stolen Pass
  3. Request for ID Pass Suspension
  4. Reinstatement of an ID Pass
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  6. Are face to face security interviews and signed declarations still required?
  7. All security interviews must be completed face to face and signed by a trained interviewer. The Signed declaration is then uploaded to the application form. The correct Security Interview Declaration templates are hosted on the appropriate application forms.

How long is a Security Interview Declaration Form valid for?

Security Interview Declaration Forms must have been completed within 28 days of submitting the application.

Can I train someone else to perform a security interview who is not a trained Authorised Signatory?

Yes, you can select a trusted person to perform face to face security interviews and complete the declaration form.

If you would like to nominate a trusted person please inform the ID Centre via email (See top of page for contact details)

Where do I find the interview form?

Once you open an application for either a 6-60 day or Permanent Airside/ Landside pass. You can find this as a PDF document under security interview and declaration and download a blank form. You can save a blank copy to your desktop to have to hand for future applications.