Discover London

London is one of the world’s great capitals, a financial, political and cultural powerhouse that would take a lifetime to fully explore.

Iconic sights and world-famous museums are just part of the appeal; London is a city where it’s exciting just to be there, tapping into its restless rhythms and wandering its storied streets.

Food and Drink

International options

London’s population is extraordinarily multicultural – and so is its cuisine. It’s all about discovery and trying out new, intriguing places to eat. It's not just the diversity of flavours from around the world that makes London such a superlative place for food – it's the sheer range of food experiences you can have. From cheap eats with soul, like the slew of hipstery burger places all over town, to 100% authentic Indian street food from a street-side stall.

Haute cuisine

Many of the world’s top chefs have branches in London, with about 70 restaurants in the city carrying the accolade of a Michelin star or two.

Fine dining isn’t hard to come by here, accompanied by world-class selections of wine. Again, expect international and experimental flavours within the plethora of places to drink in London.

Quirkiness is king

Several enterprising bar owners have tried something different with their drinking establishments. While there's no shortage of traditional pubs to both eat and drink in, you can also spend an evening drinking in retro arcades, Victorian gin parlours or surrounded by museum oddities.

Entrepreneurs are increasingly pushing the boundaries of pub themes, so see if you can find the next big thing in quirky bars.