Rome Coloseum

The Eternal City promises an intoxicating mix of millennia-old history, art and religion coupled with fabulous local cuisine for a truly special trip.

The ancient Romans believed the city’s glory would last forever… which is easy to appreciate as you explore the impressive monuments of modern Rome. *Please note the route starts on 31st March.

Getting Around

Leonardo da Vinci- Fiumicino airport is just 30 km from the city centre, connected by a reliable public transport system. The metro isn’t extensive (all those ruins!) but you can get most places by bus, taxi and tram. Walking around reveals ancient treasures and showstopping views on every corner.





Time Difference

1 hr ahead of GMT

Neighbourhoods to see

Where to start in a city so crammed with magnificent sights? Here are some highlights.


It’s so worth seeing this 2000 year-old amphitheatre where gladiators battled under the gaze of 50,000 spectators and bloodthirsty emperors. The labyrinths beneath held fighters and animals awaiting their fates…

Roman Forum

Step into the very heart of the Imperial Roman Empire to explore the streets, temples, palaces and marketplaces where citizens and Caesars ran ancient society.

Palatine Hill (Palatino)

This most central of the city’s seven hills has stunning panoramic views. Once an exclusive neighbourhood, it marks the site where a she-wolf raised the city’s mythical twin founders Romulus and Remus.

St Peter’s Basilica and Square

Prepare to goggle at one of the world’s largest churches and HQ of the Roman Catholic Church. This breath-taking Renaissance marvel holds countless relics and treasures, including Michelangelo’s famous Pietà statue.

Vatican Museums & the Sistine Chapel

These extensive museums have some of the greatest art ever created, including works by Raphael and Caravaggio. Brave the crowds to see the exquisite Sistine Chapel with Michelangelo’s legendary The Creation of Man.

Villa Borghese

Built as a 16th century ‘pleasure palace’ to house Cardinal Borghese’s art collection, this popular museum is packed with great works and lushly surrounded by extensive landscaped gardens.


One of Rome’s best-preserved buildings, this must-see temple was reconstructed in 126AD by Emperor Hadrian. The round oculus at top of the huge dome sits open to the sky to connect the temple with the gods above.

Trevi Fountain

Toss a coin into this immense Baroque fountain depicting Roman god of the seas Neptune on his chariot. The thousands of euros thrown in each day are given to a charity supporting Rome’s needy.

Piazza di Spagna and the Spanish Steps

This Italian Baroque square and staircase sit in a popular neighbourhood filled with prime shopping and impressive 17th and 18th century villas. A top spot for people-watching.

Food and Drink

Get ready for a feast of traditional Italian cuisine! There’s plenty on offer as well as pasta and pizza (try the crispy local pizza romana), from flavourful paninis to cold meats, fish and fresh cheeses. Round off with tiramisu, zabaione or divine home-made gelato, then a zesty Limoncello liqueur from Southern Italy.


15th MARCH | Ides of March

Marking Julius Caesar’s assassination in 44BC, Romans stage an annual re-enactment at Largo Argentina.

APRIL | Natale di Roma (Birth of Rome)

Parades and events across the city celebrate the foundation – or birthday – of the capital.

MAY | Cortili Aperti (Open Courtyards)

This open house event gives a rare chance to peek into Rome’s gorgeous private villas and palaces.

JUNE | VinoForum

Founded in 2003, this extensive culinary event celebrates food and wine with talks and tastings.

JUNE-SEPT | Roma Summer Fest

A festival of live music concerts featuring a range of Italian and international artists.

OCT | Rome Film Fest

This respected festival unites filmmakers and cinema lovers for screenings, premieres and special events.


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