Special Assistance

If you need any extra support to use the airport, we can help

Find out about services and facilities for people with disabilities or special needs including how to obtain a sunflower lanyard.

Other Assistance

London City Airport has been working with organisations to improve the airport experience for all of our passengers.

If you or someone you are travelling with might need assistance, you can request a special lanyard to wear so that our staff can help you further as you travel through the airport. You can pick one of the lanyards from the Information Desk at the Terminal building.

Working with the Business Disability Forum, we have trained our staff to recognise signs of non-visible disabilities and anxieties, and to identify and remove barriers that these passengers may face by making small adjustments.

We have also developed a passenger booklet called Travelling through London City Airport which provides an overview of the different stages of the airport journey from arriving to boarding your plane, and then from landing to leaving the airport. Pick up a copy from the Information Desk in the Terminal building or have a look at it online.

London City Airport has worked together with Crohn’s and Colitis UK, the national charity for people with Inflammatory Bowel Diseas, to install additional signage on our accessible toilets to help ensure that people with a hidden disability are not disadvantaged from using these facilities.

We are always striving to improve the service we provide to passengers. London City Airport has launched a PRM and Hidden Disabilities Forum consisting of charities and disability organisations which meets on a quarterly basis. The purpose of the forum is to provide the airport with feedback on how we can improve the service we provide to passengers with reduced mobility and hidden disabilities. The minutes from the last meetings are available here:

London City Airport PRM and Hidden Disabilities Forum 28th July 2021

London City Airport PRM and Hidden Disabilities Forum 22nd March 2021

London City Airport PRM and Hidden Disabilities Forum 3rd October 2019

LCY's PRM and Hidden Disabilities Forum 13th September 2018

LCY's PRM and Hidden Disabilities Forum 14th June 2018

LCY's PRM and Hidden Disabilities Forum 15th March 2018.

LCY's PRM and Hidden Disabilities Forum 24th January 2019.

LCY's PRM and Hidden Disabilities Forum 1st May 2019.

  • Please note, if you are travelling through the busy periods, sometimes you may need to wait in the landside special assistance seating area (agents need to prioritise arriving aircrafts to ensure they are emptied before the departing passengers can be taken through).

** There is a weight restriction on our equipment. Our ambilift and aisle chair is only capable of lifting and carrying a maximum weight of 150kg.

If you need more information, email us or come and speak to us at the Information Desk on arrival. It’s on the left as you pass through the airport’s internal entrance.


London City Airport has been working with the National Autistic Society to find out what they think of the way we do things and how we can improve the physical environment in the airport. The National Autistic Society has advice for those travelling with children or adults with autism here.

If either yourself or someone you are travelling with is on the autistic spectrum, please let us know in advance by emailing assistance@londoncityairport.com and we will arrange for a member of our team to join you and walk you through to your departure gate.

Once you are in the departure lounge and you are waiting for your flight you can head to the airport's Westpier which has additional seating. The area is much quieter and has natural daylight.

If you can choose the time of your flight it is recommended to fly between 11am and 4pm as this is a period when the airport terminal is quieter.

Familiarisation sessions

We host open days at the airport so that passengers can familiarise themselves with the airport journey prior to travelling. The first open day took place last year when a group of representatives from the National Autistic Society together with volunteers and parents joined airport staff to gain a better understanding of the airport journey and processes, from check-in and security to departures and boarding.

If you are interested in attending the next available open day, please contact us at assistance@londoncityairport.com

Passengers with dementia

Airports can be noisy and confusing places and if you have dementia the experience is often a stressful one. London City Airport has worked with the Alzheimer’s Society to roll out the Dementia Friends scheme across the airport.

Dementia Friends is the biggest ever initiative to change people’s perceptions of dementia, aiming to transform the way the nation thinks, acts and talks about the condition. London City Airport staff members (in the Customer Experience, Terminal Front and Security teams) are now Dementia Friends, having learned what it’s like to live with dementia.

The Alzheimer’s Society has also produced a downloadable document with information on planning your holiday and making the journey.

Travelling with a colostomy

Together with the Colostomy Association, London City Airport has delivered relevant training to all our security staff. The training is now part of all our introductory and refresher courses for security agents.

If you require any special assistance, please let us know in advance by emailing assistance@londoncityairport.com.


Parkinson's UK offers advice for travellers online.

Sunflower Lanyards

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Sunflower lanyards are a discreet way of advising staff of a hidden disability such as dementia, autism, anxiety and many more.

Sunflower lanyards are free of charge and can be obtained from the information desk located in the main terminal. Alternatively, if you are travelling through London City Airport within the next 2 months you can apply for a sunflower lanyard to be sent to you at a UK registered address (Please see the full terms and conditions below).

The sunflower lanyard will not give you fast track rights but it will just inform staff that patience, care and a bit more attention maybe required. If you require a more bespoke service please send an email to assistance@londoncityairport.com with your requirements.

Postal Service for Sunflower Lanyard

If you are traveling through London City Airport within the next 2 months, you can apply for a Sunflower Lanyard to be sent to you via post to a UK address.

To allow your lanyard to arrive on time and for your request to be processed, please allow 7 working days to receive your lanyard. In order to apply you will need to send us an email to assistance@londoncityairport.com and ensure the following information is included:

  • Full name (Including Middle and Surname)
  • Date of Flight
  • Flight Number (s)
  • Flight Time (Departure/Arrival):
  • Full UK Postal Address (where your lanyard will be delivered)

If you require multiple lanyards you will need to send us this information in the email. Please ensure we receive all of the information above as without it we will be unable to send the lanyards and there may be a delay in you receiving your lanyard.