Special Assistance

If you need any extra support to use the airport, we can help

Find out about services and facilities for people with disabilities or special needs including how to obtain a sunflower lanyard.

General Advice

Avoiding peak times

Most of our passengers travel during the peak times of 07.00-10.00am and 4.00pm-8.00pm so if you prefer to avoid the crowds, and if you have flexibility on travel times, you may want to consider travelling at off-peak periods such as late morning, lunchtime and early afternoon.

Security screening

If you require any additional support while going through Security please email us in advance at [email protected]. We will be able to arrange fast-track security screening as well as separate or alternative screening. If you are using an airport wheelchair and wish to walk through the archway, you're welcome to do so. Please note, we have state of the art CT scanner technology in operation at London City Airport, this means that you can keep all your belongings in your hand luggage and there is no need to take anything out.


Please remember to check your gates on the flight information screens and remember that the gate number can change at short notice. You can also check departure gates with your airline at check-in. most of the gates are a short walk from the main departure lounge. Gates 9,10,12,14 are the furthest away.

Reserved seating There is an assisted travel seating area both landside and in the main departure lounge where you will find reserved seating. There is also space for wheelchair users to use this space.

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