Security and Baggage Rules

Everything you need to know about security restrictions and baggage rules at London City Airport.



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London City Airport is committed to processing passengers as quickly as possible. Passengers are advised to allow additional time for security processing, particularly during peak times. We appreciate your understanding.

Security at the airport isn’t just about screening your bags, find out how we work with The Metropolitan Police and Project Servator.

Baggage rules vary between airlines and the type of ticket purchased. You are advised to check baggage rules with your airline before arriving at London City Airport.

Click here for airline contact details.

Be prepared when you reach security

All cabin baggage will be X-ray screened.

Place laptops and large electrical items separately in a tray after removing outer casing or sleeve.

Put coins, keys, mobile phones and other small items in your coat or hand baggage. Place your hand baggage and coat into a tray.

Place any liquid items, correctly bagged, into the tray.

Pushchairs are subject to hand search and walking aids will be X-ray screened.

Wheelchairs will be thoroughly searched.

New social distancing guidance from the Department for Transport, effective from June 2020

Please be prepared to remove face masks and coverings if requested to do so by Security Officers. Some larger face masks or respirators may require screening, advice for which will be given on arrival in the Security area.

Photographic equipment

It is perfectly safe to carry your photographic equipment through security, Our x-ray machines won’t harm your camera, however the latest x-ray machines could affect analog film. Please speak to a member of security staff who will be able to advise if your film will be affected as we are able to make special arrangements for photographers carrying professional film. Please contact us or your airline before travel.

All cameras and equipment being carried though in cabin baggage will be x-ray screened.

Personal Items

Personal ItemsAllowed in hand baggage?Allowed in hold baggage?
Travel ironYesYes
Travel KettleYesYes
Christmas crackersNoSee notes below**
Ink or toner cartridgesNoNo
Knife (with a sharp or pointed blad and/or a blade longer than 6cm*NoYes
Small scissors (with blades non longer than 6cm*)YesYes
Large scissors (with blades longer than 6cm*)NoYes
Round-ended/blunt scissors (of any length)YesYes
Cigar cutters (with blade under 6cm)YesYes
Fixed-cartridge razor blade (disposable razor)YesYes
Nail clippers/nail fileYesYes
Knitting needlesYesYes
Sewing needlesYesYes
Walking stick/caneYesYes
Camera tripodYesYes
PushcharYes (will be subject to additional security checks)Yes
Safety matchesYesYes
'Strike anywhere' matches (non-safety matches)NoNo
Inflated, air filled sports balls (eg rugby and footballs)YesYes
Fireworks, flares and other pyrotechnics, including party poppers and toy capsNoNo
Cigarette ligherYes (but you may carry only a single ligher on your person)No
Contact lens solutionYes (no more than 100ml)Yes
Swiss Army Knives with a tool or corkscrewNoYes
  • This is a London City Airport Rule in line with most UK Airports

** British Airways allow Christmas Crackers to be checked in providing they meet the following restrictions; maximum two boxes per person, the crackers must be commercially manufactured, the crackers must be for personal use only and homemade crackers are not permitted.

** Lufthansa, Luxair, CityJet and Alitalia do not permitt Christmas crackers within hold luggage.

** Swiss accepts Christmas crackers within the hold with no restriction on quantity, but if checked in passengers may have to pay excess if over their allowed number of pieces. Crackers must be boxed and sealed with original wrapper intact.

** Blue Islands and Flybe allow a maximum of 12 crackers, they must be boxed and sealed in orginal wrapping.

** NO airline accepts homemade crackers or party poppers.

** TAP does not permit Christmas crackers within hold luggage.

This list is not exhaustive.