Airspace Modernisation

The UK’s airspace is an essential part of our national transport infrastructure, however it is currently outdated and struggling to keep pace with growing demand; resulting in delays, unnecessary carbon emissions and flight paths that are not optimised to minimise noise. The Government has therefore committed to airspace modernisation, with the objective to deliver quicker, quieter and cleaner journeys with more capacity for the benefit of both passengers and communities. We are one of 15 airports in the South of England that are part the airspace modernisation programme called ‘One sky, one plan'.

This is a government-led initiative being coordinated by the Airspace Change Organising Group (ACOG), and as the aviation regulator, the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) is the primary decision-maker, responsible for administering the airspace change process and defining the requirements and timescales for delivery. NATS have responsibility for redesigning airspace above 7,000ft and airports in the UK will be redesigning departure and arrival routes below 7,000 ft. London City Airport has been requested to participate in this programme to ensure that arrival and departure routes at the airport are integrated with the wider network changes, and to ensure that benefits can be maximised across the UK.

In 2019 we engaged with key stakeholders on design principles, then in 2021-22 we engaged again on design options. Key stakeholders include local councils, MPs, community and business groups, airlines and other affected groups who may be impacted by aircraft below 7,000 ft. Full details can be found on the CAA’s airspace portal at this link.

During stage 3 we will be holding a full public consultation on proposals. This is anticipated to be in 2024, however it is heavily dependent on the UK-wide airspace programme timelines due to all airports being required to coordinate and collaborate fully to achieve the optimum outcome.

If you require any further information, please contact us at [email protected].