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Wake Turbulence

Wake turbulence and how it can affect properties

Many of the new aircraft operating at London City Airport such as the Airbus A318 and Embraer 170/190 are equipped with winglets. These winglets improve aerodynamics and reduce the intensity of the wake vortices and reduce the likelihood of a wake turbulence impacts.

What is wake turbulence?

Wake turbulence is caused by spiralling movements of air (wake vortices) from each wingtip. These trail behind the aircraft and descend as they rotate, normally dissipating in the air. However, on very rare occasions, they can strike roofs on properties beside the airport and displace tiles.

Many newer aircraft operating at LCY (such as the Airbus A318 and Embraer 170/190) are equipped with winglets to improve aerodynamics. These also reduce the intensity of wake vortices and thus the chance of properties being affected by wake turbulence.

Wake turbulence damage

Only traditional slate or tiled roofs can be damaged by wake turbulence. It usually affects the centre of the roof and sees tiles being lifted and rotated – unlike damage from bad weather or high winds.

Are you affected?

If you suspect your property has been damaged, please call us on 0207 646 0200. Within two days, an independent surveyor and an experienced airport expert will visit to assess the damage.

If possible, make a note of the time and date you believe the incident occurred, to help confirm whether the damage could have been caused by an aircraft.

Don’t try to remove or repair the damage until it’s been assessed. Without evidence, we cannot consider your claim.

If you need to make urgent repairs, please try to take photos of the damage first.

If we can verify the damage is a result of wake turbulence caused by LCY operations, we’ll arrange for repair and, in some instances, strengthening of the roof to protect against future incident.

If you suspect your property has been damaged by wake turbulence, call us on 0207 646 0200.

Read the independent LCY Wake Turbulence Study by Halcrow Group consultants


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