Planned Airport Development

Airport development overview

Airport Master Plan

London City Airport's Master Plan sets out our growth and development plans through to 2030. Find out more here.

City Airport Development Plan

London City Airport is preparing a planning application for works to improve its existing infrastructure, whilst planning ahead to ensure the airport has the facilities to remain London’s business airport of choice.

Our current planning permission was approved by the Secretaries of State for Transport and Communities and Local Government in July 2016. It allows for the delivery of the City Airport Development Programme (CADP) which includes new airfield infrastructure and extended passenger facilities. The permission includes a comprehensive set of planning controls, including 97 planning conditions and additional agreements that include:

  • Controls on operating hours
  • A limit of 111,000 aircraft movements per year
  • A limit of 6.5 million passengers per year
  • Hourly and daily limits on aircraft movements at the weekend and on bank holidays
  • A noise contour area limit of 9.1km² which all aircraft must operate within
  • An Incentives and Penalties Scheme to encourage airlines to fly aircraft more quietly
  • A comprehensive Sound Insultation Scheme for public and residential buildings within our noise contours
  • Air quality Management Strategy
  • Local employment targets
  • Surface access targets
  • Regular reporting of compliance

We are currently inviting views on minor-material amendments to our CADP permission.

Please click here for more information and to have your say.