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London City Airport fully supports biodiversity and sustainability in new projects and developments – and works carefully to ensure these have no adverse effects on airport safety.

Birds are the greatest threat to aircraft.

All UK aerodromes are responsible for managing this risk within 13km of their airfield. For us, this stretches from Tottenham to Dartford, including the whole of the London Borough of Newham and neighbouring local authorities.

For this reason, LCY may discourage development proposals that could increase bird numbers due to changes in food sources, roosting location and flight patterns, especially in areas close to the airport.

Guidance on how to increase biodiversity without attracting birds.

We comment on planning applications or development proposals with landscaping schemes that may:

  • Create dense vegetation that may become a roost

  • Provide an abundant autumn/winter food supply in the form of fruits or berries

  • Create standing water or water courses which attract gulls and waterfowl

  • Include outdoor eateries with potential to attract scavenging birds

We welcome discussion with developers before they submit planning applications, so we can focus on maximising biodiversity while managing the risk to aerodrome safety. 

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This guidance was informed by: 

CAA publications 772 and 168

AOA Advice Note 3 Wildlife Hazards around Aerodromes


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