Noise and track keeping system

Noise Action Plan

In 2013 London City Airport (LCY) published a Noise Action Plan in accordance with the Environmental Noise (England) Regulations 2006, outlining LCY’s extensive commitments to monitor, manage and reduce the impacts of aircraft noise from 2013-2018. The main purpose of the Noise Action Plan is to review the noise impact of the airport, and to determine what actions will be carried out over the 5 year duration of the strategy, to sufficiently protect local communities from aircraft noise in line with current legislation, and national and local policy. This document can be found here: Noise Action Plan 2013 2018.

Noise Action Plan Consultation

LCY are now updating this plan to cover the next 5 years, and have recently completed a consultation on this document which ended on 5th September 2018. Thank you to all those who submitted a response. Comments received are currently being reviewed and the final NAP 2018-2023 will be published once available, including a summary of consultation responses.