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Sustainability at London City Airport

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Sustainable Security Bag Trial

As part of our commitment to reducing carbon emissions and single use plastics we are trialling a new fully compostable security bag and we would love to hear your views.


London City Airport is committed to responsible and sustainable growth as the industry recovers from the Covid-19 pandemic. Our long-term goal is to become a net zero emission airport by 2050 with the overall aim to be one of the most sustainable airports of our size in Europe. We have ambitious plans to deploy new technology and innovation to minimise our environmental impact, reduce emissions, and cut down on waste.

Sustainable Security Bag

At the end of 2019, the airport launched a Sustainable Security Bag Challenge, seeking an innovative solution to reduce the environmental impacts associated with single-use plastic.

TIPA were announced as the winners of the challenge in December 2020, having developed a fully compostable security bag that doesn’t leave any trace of plastics in the environment.

The product is made from fully transparent materials, aligned to regulatory standards, and can be composted at home by London City passengers or disposed of as food waste at the airport.

An initial trial is taking place with passengers in summer 2021, and if successful, the fully compostable security bag will be rolled out more widely as part of the airport’s ongoing efforts to eradicate plastic waste and reduce the environmental impact of our operations.

ZipperBag-Mockup final

Bag specification

The bag is free from conventional plastics and made with biobased materials. This helps retain the desired properties of a conventional security bag such as moisture and oxygen barrier, lightweight design, and flexibility, but with a built-in circular solution for its end-of-use.

The bags are fully compostable and can be turned into organic fertilizer which may be used to replenish the topsoil and restore healthy ecosystems.

Sustainability Diagram

Information for passengers

The bags have a limited shelf-life due to their composting properties but can be reused within 6 months.

The product is suitable for home and industrial composting, so you can place it in your food or garden waste bin for local council collection. Alternatively, you can dispose of the bags in the appropriate bins whilst travelling through the airport.

Please do not put the bags in your recycling bin or leave them in a place where they can leak into the environment. Place the bags in your domestic waste if there are no other options available to you.